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New-series-machine manufactures plate loaded equipment which moves with the natural path of body movements. One of the largest plates loaded equipments manufacturers discovered the novel ergonomic benefits of independent diverging and converging arcs of motion. These plates produce unmatchable performance, strength, and training.

Why Plate Loaded Equipment is Our Flag Bearer?

Our broad range of plate loaded equipment provides comfort to user’s body and allows them to exercise with comprehensive motion range. Made under the international standards, our range of equipment is immensely accepted in reputed gym across India.

Before starting our manufacturing, we associate with our collaborated athletes, coaches and the technology to get ensured that all gears recite the natural paths of motion. We incur on Iso-Leteral technology which involves independent movements of arms with diverging and converging arcs of movements. This result in attaining natural movement outlines also a greater training luxury and much-needed workout balanced results.

 We focus on providing machines that offer training with the help of biomechanical correct movement. We also focus on a secured training experience. Our ergonomically- designed hand grips result in reducing stress in joints and much more satisfying workout.

Features of Plate Loaded Equipment-

1.    User-Friendly and Space Gears.

2.    Manufactured to meet the requirements of advanced users.

3.    Dual Axis Technology on machines helps exercisers in defining the path of motion and also improves muscle involvement.

4.    Heavy-duty and completely welded frames.

5.    Sealed bearing spins for brilliant performance and minimum maintenance.

6.    Comprehensive muscle trained placards.

These proficient Plate Loaded machines are solid in size and user-friendly as well. We as one of the proficient biangular plate loaded Machines manufacturers in India uses a premium quality material in the manufacturing of the advanced fitness machines which makes them endurable to the maximum extent. We are high on our aspiration to make it much better.