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One of the best childhood memories that we all have is Skipping rope, the most fun loving part of our game time. This is the game in which we probably do not need anyone else. You could load yourself with the Fried food, Sweets and do not get fat by practicing the skipping ropes on a daily basis for just 10 minutes.

One minute of jumping can burn up to 10 to 16 calories and 480 calories in just half an hour. Guess the best part about it…can be practiced anywhere (Home, park or anywhere), no storage issue.

The neural coordination by balancing your feet’s and hands at the same time. Luckily, it is soft on your bone that increases your Bone density.

Even the bad weather cannot interrupt your exercising schedule. No need to wait till the rain gets over. Just hold your skipping rope from Gym Equipments Manufacturers in India to get the most of benefits. A skipping rope can burn out more calories than running. It is travel friendly so that you won’t be missing your workouts.

It is budget friendly too, yes; it does not cost more than 150 INR that makes it even more likable. Get it online from to boos up your endurance and body toned. Though it is a full body workout but target the Thighs, Shins, Calf muscles and Arms effectively

According to legion, the hip flexors are a group of muscles around the top of your thighs that connects your upper leg to hip. They are named because they do create the flexion in the hip which is a bending movement around a limb joint. Skipping improves the hip flexor muscles.

Some precautions to be taken before starting skipping:

  1. Make sure that you are practicing with a strong rope, the inappropriate one can harm or even injured you.
  2. Most of the users are still confused that skipping should be done barefoot or with shoes. From my personal experience it is better to wear shoes as it can prevent you feets from various injuries (minor many be major ones).
  3. When a girl is doing skipping, it is necessary to wear a good fitted bra as lots of movements can cause breast muscles to be tear. Further it will cause your breasts to sag.
  4. Start with small fractions of time and then try to increase it timely.
  5. Since it is easy to carry a skipping rope still the jumping surface matters a lot. Check out the surface that is not having any slippery surface to avoid rubbing and injuries.
  6. It can be done anywhere but the jumping area is required so that the rope does not get stuck in any object. Ceilings should be high.
  7. Proper warm up is required before starting for the exercise.

Being a Fitness Equipments Manufacturers in India we promote wellness and healthy lifestyle in every possible manner.

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