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Anson sports are founded with a goal to become one of the best Gym Equipments Manufacturer in India since 1985 in the field of Indian fitness market. We caters in commercial gym and fitness equipment that can be used in Commercial gyms, Health clubs, Corporate fitness centers, Housing, Institutes and High net worth industries.

We have employee strength of more than 50 peoples that focus on strength fitness equipment design and its strength. Each member of our team understands the expectations of gym instruments and time of fitness freaks. From Anson sports, all of us are spending required time for investment to provide high performance fitness equipment and products in Bengaluru. Finding the right gym partner at time is a hard nut to crack. No need to spend your time and money to get enough, visit our website to get them.

Cardio equipment: They are responsible in facilitating the physical activity for utilization to promote better health, weight loss and relieving the stress too. It is helpful in increasing the heart rate with a 20 to 60 minutes cardio to allow oxygen for free flowing throughout the body.

We have a wide variety of machines that are designed to achieve the target with minimizing the effects of depression. The specifications of our elliptical machine is it scans Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Temperature, Calendar and even hand pulse. Along with it is Smooth, Quiet, Durable, Compact and Comfort. Check out the offers at website. Cardiovascular machines are the most common form of workout fits in daily routine for utilization.

Strength machines: Anson sports is a Fitness Equipments Manufacturer in India that delivers the series combining all the functional performance elements demanded to cross the strength line for biomechanical excellence even for first time user. We comfort touch points that are easily adjustable with complementation of our facility where every gym machine is durable with variety of colors.

Here you can get the converging chest press machine which provides smoother range of motion and unique press handle position. User can adjust the start positions from already seated position. This machine has independent movement arms that allow different movements.

Get abdominal curve bench for abs exercised that is the most used gym equipment for all indoor activities. It can be used for Front crunch, Knee raise crunch, Oblique crunch left and right. Benches and racks are a great way to enhance the functional capability with built-in storage for accommodating a wide range of exercises. They all have Strong, Sturdy and Bold design with durability.

Indoor cycling: Each of the Anson sports bike is built to last to fulfill the reliability requirements that are designed to make them rust resistant and easy to use. Spinning workout of 45 minutes in a da allows you to burn more than 500 calories comparatively. Gym cycle can be adjusted as per your intensity. This workout allows you to focus on core muscles with slower pedal.

It is a low impact exercise also known as stress reliever more efficient than others. Unlike other exercises, running and jogging allows you a risk-free exercise with lower injuries. This gym equipment helps in tracking your progress; motivating factor. You can also use them inside the house when it’s raining outside or watching TV or baby.


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