Snooker and Pool Table

The team force at thrives on offering products holding to international standards. We employ imported Indian woods to manufacture our long lasting and performing snooker and pool tables. We as a Snooker and Pool table Manufacturers have reached entire corners of India and raring to make our international proliferation, too. Snooker is the game resembling elegance, style, and grace and thus its platform also needed to match the level of the sports. We offer worldly cues available in different varieties. We supply quality table cloth and each and every accessory associated with the game like balls, cues, pool and snooker tables, billiard tables, brass adjuster, brass pocket, custom pool tables, Italian pool table, billiard accessories, American pool tables. Snooker Tables- A snooker table is manufactured in the standard size of 12' X 6' and 1.5”. We use Indian marble and a wooden frame with slates, international-sized six pockets of the latest designed brass pocket on the table.


  1. Designed with PTFE cloth for a controlled movement of the ball
  2. Manufactured with wooden frame slates.
  3. Strong legs with brass nuts for rigid holding.
  4. Brass adjuster to adjust the height
  5. Moisture defiant and anti-roll surface
  6. Scratch protected framework.
Pool Tables- We manufacture superior quality and other accessories associated with the game, and our Pool Tables are manufactured with seasoned hardwood and 1.5 thick marble slate. These slates are polished in the best way.

 List of Accessories:

  • 1 Pool Ball Set 2' 1/16 and One brush.
  • 4 Billiard Cues, ash wood of any weight and any size.
  • 1 Billiard Table Cover to protect against dust with 2 fancy lights.
Gym equipments manufacturers celebrates the headship of being one of the leading Snooker and Pool table Manufacturers and providing desirable products to our esteemed customers.

Snooker and Pool Table

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